Dealmatch Fashions offers surplus garments like t-shirt, lower, shorts, sweat shirts, zippers, jackets, cap, socks, shoes, belt, wallet etc.
We endeavor to provide trendy  products at affordable price.


It all started in May 2014, by just selling Eco-friendly jute bags door to door. In the beginning of 2015, we started our store and started selling ready-made garments like – t-shirts, jeans, lowers, shorts etc. In 2016, we had introduced many more products with export surplus quality like caps, belt, sweat shirts, zippers, jackets, socks, deodorant, wallet etc.

Online Portal

Now, in 2018, we are in online business and started our own website as e-commerce portal. The basic concept of this website is to provide information of availability of products in our store. By this, the customers can easily view it from their computer and mobile and get delivered at their place.

Our Experties

Dealmatch Fashions provide their customers best surplus quality available in the market place. We are expert in providing best quality t-shirts, lower, sweatshirts, zippers and socks etc.

Sweat Shirts, Zippers and Jackets
T-Shirts, Shorts and Lowers
Socks, Belt and Wallet
Caps and Deodorants

Awesome Product Range